CoolerMaster Aquagate MAX review CPU liquid cooling

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Photo's - Reservoir & Pump


CoolerMaster Aquagate MAX

Quite a unit isn't it ? This is the reservoir and pump. Pretty much all the components are made out of plastic though. This unit can be placed in your 5.25" drive bays and functions as a reservoir, a pump, flow meter.

At the front side you'll spot a transparent window which makes it easy to check the coolant level. To the right, the smaller window is actually a water flow indicator. The reservoir will fit into two 5-inch bays of an ATX system case.

CoolerMaster Aquagate MAX

When we flip it around we stumble into a heap of connectivity. In and outflow for tubing, a Molex power connector (only one source required to power everything which is really good). Then two FAN headers (pulse-width modulation fan rotation speed), which you connect the two radiator fans to. Then sensors, you can plug in the flow control meters here. And last a USB connection which is needed for ESA support (control, monitoring and regulation over pump and fans).

CoolerMaster Aquagate MAX

Inside this unit you can also find the pump, this pump is capable of a 400 liter per hour flow rate.

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