Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro RGB Headset review

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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Now, as with pretty much all our headset reviews we start by stating clearly that audio is subjective -- so for a reviewer that's a large big grey area that you need to try and describe. It's loaded with subjective perceptions and what we 'feel' is good / bad combined with technical facts. That makes it very difficult to review, as I for example am more of an audiophile opposed to somebody that needs a headset for hardcore gaming with amplified sounds like gun triggers in the background to give them that competitive advantage.

Changes - Comfort and Audio Quality

Looking back at the MASTERPULSE PRO it leaves me with mixed feelings. By any standard it is not a bad sounding product at all! But at this price range we've heard better. We miss a little more oomph and dynamic bass, likely 50mm drivers would have fixed that. Also the lack of a software suite is missing, so you cannot tweak audio to your own preference. That is a bit of a miss as this in fact is a USB driven headset. 

The overall generic listing experience is pretty decent though, I do think that this headset needs quite a bit of tweaking before sounding right. However you get to choose out of three fixed EQ profiles, and that's it. For a headset with just two 44mm driver it does feel a little heavier opposed to your average headset with two drivers. That extra weight is not bothersome as this is a very comfortable headset to wear. The adjust-ability of the headband and the comfortable ear cups ensure they should provide a proper fit for just about anyone. The ear pads are made of leather-like fiber and are very soft and comfortable. The sound quality is pretty okay in gaming and movies, but lacks with music. But again, this is a gamers headset and not so much an audiophile one.


So for gaming it certainly is a good enough headset that sits in the 89USD marker. Gaming wise the virtualized configuration can help you out in say games like Counter Strike (you could hear noises slightly better positioned in the background which can be an enemy trying to sneak up on you). So that virtualized '7.1' design will bring you a competitive advantage in hefty FPS gaming where precision is needed inside that audio spectrum. The overall volume with the 44mm drivers is loud enough.





The Masterpulse PRO series is sexy looking and thus aesthetically pleasing headset. Features wise for what it is it certainly ticks the boxes, the RGB LEDs (albeit limited) are fun, the control unit works nice enough. Audio wise it offers decent sound (remove the magnetic covers btw) especially in gaming. For music I feel the headset lacks a certain dynamic and that profound full bass. And that's where we run into the problem with this headset, any USB connected headset can be tweaked through software, this one can't. So you are limited towards three EQ preset modes, and if your preference isn't in there then you are out of luck. My advice to Cooler Master as such for upcoming releases is to make sure there is an audio suite available in software. Audio is very personal, and you cannot fix that in three EQ presets. The overall wear-comfort is really good, the MIC sounds clear, and with a the EQ selected in red mode and the two magnetic covers removed it's all alright though. For music videos and audio the virtualized surround mode works best. But for movies we doubt this is the product to go for though. Overall Cooler Master offers a comfortable, good looking and affordable virtualized stereo headset. The question remains, is it good enough in this 90 euro space that is loaded with competing products ?

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