Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro RGB Headset review

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Gaming experiences and da MIC


Testing out the headset we use a handful of games:

Battlefield 1

The headset actually does a good nice job of presenting environment detail, and in the FPS competition mode the bass gave some nice growl to the music and environmental sounds. For audio quality we left the settings actually at default, yet on the control pod we cranked up the EQ towards the position where it reached a RED LED. No clue what mode that is, but it brings in a little more clarity. The default settings really are flat and lack proper bass.


The headset scores okay on voice clarity but lacks deep LFE explosion effects. The fun thing is that you can really hear noises in the background with the virtualized modes enabled. While there is enough of an audible spectrum available the bass remains a bit of a lackluster as it is a bit flat. 

Metro Last Light

It's a classic that we'll keep in the software suite. Metro Last Light is a game that you get yourself immersed in, good atmosphere, decent graphics still, and a beautiful sound design. Sound wise it's fairly good. The MasterPulse PRO does impress with the ambient sound envelope of the game. It is so hard to explain sounds, but you feel like you are inside the world. The bass/sub remains a little flat. The dialog in Metro came through fine as did the environment sounds.

Project CARS

Rally and racing games have just about everything you could want if you're not into hardcore simulation. PCars has very realistic sounds, especially engine and gear noise, which are the heart and soul of a car. The headset is real darn realistic with PCars. Other than missing an apex or an occasional gear shift you will miss nothing in the audio spectrum. Let me put it simple, it sounds good, and when that engine barks and bites at you - this headset delivers the full audio envelope you may expect.

Grand Theft Auto V

Alright, Alright Alright. The funky tunes in GTA5 are really cool but lack a dynamic sounding bass. Increasing the SUB values on the control pod do help with that. What sounds better is driving or walking in the city. There's a lot of environmental sounds in that audio envelope that you can really hear. Detailed environmental audio reproduction is probably the best way of describing it. However when you fire up some music, you will realize that it is not the best sounding headset for audiophiles.


As part of our protocol we tested the microphone out with a number of applications, Skype and some co-op play, playing back the sound samples with Audacity. The headset has definitely a decent and clear sounding microphone, plenty of gain, very good clarity and very low noise and hum. Pretty much it seems to be on par with any modern age MIC. Not bad for a unit that lacks a boom stick actually.

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