Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro RGB Headset review

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The tunes

Audio (Music)

Music ... Now I did have to use an EQ preset here, the default sounds way too flat and unbalanced. Again that mode with the RED led enabled sounds best.

The first song is lay me Down from Avicii. You can drift away in the funky rhythm, impressive voices, the headset delivers enough but does not manage to impress. The guitar starts a little flat at the beginning. We hear pretty clear sounding drums, a snazzy bass-line and a clear sounding keyboard solo tops it off. I can confirm that you would likely need an EQ adjustment to get the sound up to snuff. And unfortunately this headset does not offer software tweaking.

With the fixed EQ settings it merely outs a reasonable dynamic sound, clear voices and an overall decent sound reproduction. Yeah, decent is the word here.

For our second song we start up Triggerfinger with a cover from Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers. It's really a Dutch/Belgian hit song so. The drummer in this band uses a bass-drum the size of a hobbit house. The recording is an acoustic live session. We hear a little treble but once the singing begins it seems to filter away softly. It could be in the recording. BTW hint also -- listen to Cherry at 4:31 (if you are in a funky rock mood). The image envelope is stable, reasonably clear and comfortable to listen to. Bass and Bass drum remain an issue though, with this song you should be able to damage your ears, it just doesn't. 

For the final song we pay our respects to Adam "MCA" Yauch. We load up a FLAC of the Beastie Boys - Three MC's And One DJ. We again use the aforementioned red EQ  settings. We left Virtualized sound active, as it does offer the best sound.

Three MC's And One DJ sounds again average. The historic three's voices sound absolutely natural, the scratches make your head tumble in agreement and the bass... well it's ... hmm pity it doesn't matter if we remove the side panels aka Bass  FX. We get an average sounding bass, not bad, not good somewhere in the middle. 

The MASTERPULSE PRO is not the best headset if you want to listen to music on an audiophile quality level. In Cooler Masters defense, the headset is released as a gamers headset.

-- MixMaster cut faster. 

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