Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6 review

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Product Showcase - The Build

The Build


WARNING - see that carrying handle? When building the system and moving it around you tend to grab it as a handle bar. But it isn't a handle bar, it is a mounting retention clip for the rear bezel. The problem is, this thing will snap and break off in a split second as it is made out of very weak plastic, so please be careful. This also would be a bit of a hint to Cooler Master, if I'd press it in the middle with my thumb, I would likely break it in two. This is the one weak spot for the chassis.


I am not going extraordinary with extensive and custom liquid cooling etc. We'll be building a system that you guys would build at home. You will quickly learn that due to the lower PSU compartment the motherboard size is restricted to ATX only. 




Once prepped you can mount a 240/2280mm rad easily. And you can hide the radiator so extremely well. The good thing about this design is that the radiator can be nice and thick as well, bringing you that little extra performance which you will need as the radiator size is limited to 280 mm at maximum.


As stated on the previous page, cable routing nirvana ... there is plenty of space for it, lots of rubberized grommet holes gaps and indentations. Me likey !


Let's quickly power her up, yup working. Is it just me or is the chassis already looking nice even without the side, front and top panels?

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