Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6 review

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Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6
The Cooler Build of a chassis 

Cooler Master recently launched their latest iteration of the MasterCase series, yes as such it is time to look at their MasterCase Pro 6. The chassis fits the MasterCase product concept. A concept that allows you to mod and adjust the cassis to have the something that fits your needs (within defined parameters of course). The chassis series oozes and breathes pure DIY PC building and creating your own style PC. The new MasterCase 6 has space for motherboards up-to standard ATX form factors, it comes with dark side panels and some new innovations. New at the front is a LED glow located at the bottom. Also the I/O panel is now hidden located at the top panel.

The MasterCase series according to Cooler Master comes with a FreeForm Modular System. Yes there's a lot of marketing going on behind the new series, but that's not a bad thing as this chassis really was made to shape and form to something you want so that it fits your style, the idea behind that is called the Master concept. I'll let Cooler Master talk for a second here. Cooler Master started with their Make It Yours Slogan, and will offer the products that go along with it. Don't think chassis, think coolers, mice, keyboards and peripheral products. On the chassis side the result was the development of a concept case, the MasterConcept, that combines a product design based on feedback from modders and enthusiastic class users. The MasterConcept is the ultimate makers’ case; its super flexible interior and exterior modularity allows anyone to create a PC that is uniquely theirs in form and function. The ideas incorporated in the MasterConcept led directly to the creation of the MasterCase. Basically Cooler Master gives you guys more control over how their case looks and functions. So FreeForm provides options to adjust the case exterior via the replacement of panels and doors, while also offering flexibility for a mid-sized case in terms of interior layout.

The MasterCase Pro 6 is a 54cm tall tower that is fairly modular. For this model there will be two revisions available, a blue LED version: MCY-C6P2-KW5N and then there is a Red LED version located under SKU code MCY-C6P2-KW5N-01. Being a Cooler Master chassis you will be able to adjust or entirely remove drive cages, allowing for multiple system configurations like home servers, water-cooled workstations, or gaming rigs with dual-slot extra-long (296mm) graphics cards. Anyway, we'll talk you though the entire product with a massive photo-shoot, have a peek at the beast first, after which we'll start-up the review guided by photos, photos and yeah... more photos. As you can read from the introduction, Cooler Master is using a lot of marketing super-latives this round. Well, it's up to us to decide whether or not it is worthy of their words and claims. Let's have a peek at that stealthy styled chassis that is looking great alright.

Let's start the review on this 159 euro costing Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6.


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