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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

Admittedly, I do like where Cooler Master is headed with the MasterCase series. Now truth be told, there's a HEAP of marketing phrases behind their products that do give me goose-bumps every now and then. However if you filter away the marketing buzz you end up with a base design chassis that has been thought through really well from A to Z. You have plenty of liquid cooling options, you can move around your HDD cages and then there is a heap of space for your components, including a nice PSU compartment that can hold the biggest power supplies. Also stuff like cable routing it's all simply not a problem whatsoever. Hence the concept that Cooler Master is applying to the Mastercase series, works out really well. In the end though the biggest factor for a chassis in this prize category will be the looks, and yes looks are a subjective thing and always remain trivial. But here again I simply don't see what people would not like the looks of the MasterCase Pro 6. The stealthy design really works. Cooler Master also didn't go with the RGB hype, which i find refreshing to be honest> no just a blue (or red) lit FAN in the rear and then at the front side at the bottom a few more LEDs. Yep, i like that. Missing however is a fan controller and you probably have read my remark about that carrying handle that really isn't a carrying handle, and if you do use it as a carrying handle ... it'll snap off. And yes I tried to merge as much as I could the word carrying handle in this line ;) Right, Cooler Master is evangelizing  the MasterCase series as something very new and diverse. The reality remains that this is a chassis like many others with some new and improved features that can be found in competing products just as well.

The build quality is strong though, and yes the removable panels secured with magnets is something very unique. Opposed to the Mastercase 5 series, Cooler Master did make the series 6 better. See with the 5 series everything was optional and needed to be purchased separately. That simply does not fly with average Joe who feels 150 Euros for a chassis should be enough already. There are still optional available, just not in the excessive line the MasterCase 5 offered. Hence this MasterCase 6 Pro has everything fitted including fans, see-though side panel, top cover and so on. So I can only applaud that and yes again would like to re-iterate that Cooler Master has something quite special here.




The facts, build and looks combined make the Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6 is a really good product, at 159 EURO it is an expensive one though. And in this price range there certainly are chassis available with some cool looking tempered glass as well. Installation and practical component installation wise the MasterCase 6 Pro has pretty much everything you need or require. The airflow, the space (albeit limited to regular ATX motherboards, features like the SSD/HDD space, ease of use and USB 3.0 ports. We do feel that 2x USB 3.0 is a tad on the shy side. Lacking again is an integrated fan controller. But CM did improve on a lighting solution. 


The looks then, hey I like the MasterCase Pro 6 model with its stealthy feel and finish, personally I feel it is spot on. And again let me be the one to first state that you can't argue taste as it is the most subjective thing on this globe. That does not make the job of reviewer any easier. Some will dislike it, and others will love this chassis for its looks. Each and every little aspect of the chassis has been thought through really well. The design of the chassis has been made to make your life a little easier while combining the best features an enthusiast crowd seeks in a chassis. But yeah, this is a well thought through product with optimal cooling, dust filters, the handles, USB 3.0 integration and relatively tool free design.


The internals are pretty decent, normal ATX form factor motherboards will fit, the lengthier graphics cards will fit as well. There's also nice space for liquid cooling on the front and top side with 280mm to work with. The one downside is that a 360 rad would not fit. The drive bays can be removed, there is a nice motherboard cutout and there's just plenty of space left for cable routing through the grommet holes, all in that all-black painted interior. With the included fans you can create enough airflow, but it would have been nice to see them tied to an integrated fan controller. With a chassis of this caliber it all comes down to aesthetics, your requirements and the price you are willing to pay.



The Verdict

I think design wise Cooler Master is spot on with the MasterCase Pro 6. It looks great, the build quality feels great (except for the top mount (carrying handle)) and features wise you'll have the space to work in and really anything a chassis needs in the year 2017. The MasterCase Pro 6 model continues on the series 5 and is a chassis that is done right and well thought through with a good concept behind it. The overall build quality is nice, with a truly terrific paint job I must say. We also love the fact that the top, rear and front bezels can be removed in a split second thanks to a magnetic retention system, this works well. The PSU compartment is fantastic but something we have seen other manufacturers do as well. In this price range a fan controller or connector HUB to the motherboard CPU_FAN PWM certainly would have been nice, we do like the inclusion of some LED lighting. Much like the 5 series we feel the 2x USB 3.0 ports are on the shy side. The front IO cover I am not a fan off though, once you use that USB port, it all just looks a little weird. The big picture is good though, it definitely is a chassis to my liking and taste, perhaps that goes for many of you. I cannot help thinking though that CM needs to expand their range towards more hip features like perhaps a RGB lighting system or tempered glass - something that sets the series away from the competition. The MasterCase Pro 6 however fits into a very nice concept and is a chassis that we recommend very much as it does tick all the right boxes with flexibility, loads of features and some seriously terrific looks. The MSRP of 159,- euro/usd is a little on the steep side. However street prices seem to hover in the 130~140 euro which I'd be definitely comfortable with price wise. Recommended 4 sure.

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