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I stumbled into this little fact sheet and decided to add it into the article, it might answer any residual questions you have.

Exterior features

  • Rugged appearance - HAF X enhances the HAF theme of bold, industrial appearance. Cooler Master Design looked towards the main battle tank as an inspiration for the tread-like chassis stand, and front bezel. Above, two exhausts are displayed prominently. Overall, the bold design shows off a wide body, enthusiast chassis. 
  • High Airflow - High airflow design strives to eliminate overheating. Using strategically placed fans of the proper specifications, internal temperature will become closer to ambient room temperature. With the velocity of airflow in intake and exhaust, specific cooling is directed over the hard drives, graphics cards, and CPU. Large 200 and 230mm fans spin at lower RPMs ensure high airflow, without high noise.
  • Fully filtered inlets - Managing dust is easy to achieve with the HAF X. Using micromesh filters located in the front bezel, top exhausts, side panel, and bottom floor, the HAF X is resistant to dust buildup. Easy to maintain air filters in the right locations, keep the HAF X cooler and cleaner.
  • Dual front SATA hot-swap docks - Two front 5.25 drive bays are designated SATA hot-swap docks. These bays allow a quick installation of 2.5 SSD or 3.5 traditional hard drives. The hard drives are mounted on a removable tray with screws. Using a SATA-SATA connection, no device controller is needed and provides the best compatibility. The hot-swap bay is fully ventilated for adequate cooling.
  • Twin USB 3.0 - HAF X is the first available full tower with dedicated front panel USB 3.0. Two front ports are USB 3.0 and compatible with SuperSpeed USB. The HAF X ports are backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Cooler Masters HAF X, provides easy pass through for using backplane based USB 3.0 ports to take advantage of the 10x increase in speed.
  • Safety switch shields - The top mounted switches have a built in shutter that is used as a safety against accidental activation. When in use, the HAF X can protect the on/off, reset and LED switches from environmental hazards while keeping a utilitarian look.
  • Removable front dust filters - A lower panel in the front hides a removable dust filter. The HAF X keeps the intake accessible for easy cleaning.
  • Rubber padded feet and wheels - The HAF X rests on treads. These treads have rubber inserts that reduce vibration and improve traction. The treads elevate the HAF X approximately .5 from the surface. HAF X has 4 wheels to allow added mobility.

Interior features

  • 9 Expansion slots - HAF X is the first Cooler Master chassis with 9 expansion slots. 9 expansion slots are critical for larger nonstandard motherboards in workstation or performance desktop applications. With 9 expansion slots, 4-way SLI, Quad- SLI, Crossfire X and other configurations are completely supported by the chassis.
  • Air cooling support with increased airflow - Every fan is included for high airflow right out of the box. Standard Cooler Master sizes ensure compatibility without harsh noise. 200mm Megaflow
    fans are an additional upgrade path for red or blue fans.
  • Water cooling support for internal 360mm radiator - The design allows for fan mounting above the chassis when a radiator is installed. When a radiator is installed on the top mounting there is clearance for thick (25-80mm) radiators from 240mm to 360mm depending on motherboard size. 280mm radiators can be supported with adapters.
  • PSU cable management partition - The cable management partition covers the clutter of cables allowing for cable routing behind the motherboard, or hidden under the cover. It can be adjusted towards the front, or the rear of the chassis to hide longer power supplies. This feature is added especially for non-modular cables and can be completely removed from the HAF X.
  • Low restriction open frame intakes and exhausts - The front and top panels have low restriction open fan intakes and exhausts. Using an open frame reduces wind turbulence, preserves high airflow and allows for a reduction in air noise. This feature was developed directly from end user feedback.
  • Advanced GPU retention bracket - HAF X includes the advanced GPU retention bracket as a product improved design. The bracket can now reinforce multi-GPU configurations even when the cards are separated by an additional expansion slot. The GPU bracket has a wide range of vertical adjustment to reinforce GPU in any expansion slot.
  • nVidia GTX 480 cooling design (SLI-certification pending) - To completely support GeForce GTX 480 or GTX 470 in SLI, the HAF X has 2 extra components co-developed with nVidia. The GPU duct provides airflow for the card intakes, and the side fan intake duct directs air into the top intakes of the GTX 480. The GPU duct is vertically adjustable to support 3-way SLI in various positions.
  • Enhanced cable management with rubber grommets - HAF X improves the excellent HAF cable routing and management. Using rubber grommets, cable management can me more concealed to provide more neatness. Over .5 of space behind the motherboard and strategically placed cutouts eliminate cable management frustration. Black grommets keep cable management stylish.
  • Thumbscrew PCI retention - Thumbscrews can provide the best strength and grounding for heavy, performance graphics cards. By omitting a plastic retention system, double width GPUs can be installed just as firmly as the best tool-free systems available.
  • Push button tool-free 5.25 ODD bays -  Cooler Master patented one push tool free buttons allow for quickly installing 5.25 drive devices.
  • Tool free hard drive trays - HAF X includes the CM standard 3.5 HDD bays with anti-vibration function.
    These HDD bays allow for increased cooling, secure mounting and easy installation. The 3.5 bays have rubber anti-vibration mounts to reduce vibrating noise.
  • Water cooling outlets - For additional water cooling options, the HAF X has three water cooling outlets that support up to 5/8 ID tubing. Two outlets are used for tubing, while the third provides outlet for wiring, cables or accessories.
  • 2 in 1 2.5 and 1.8 SSD drive support - SSD drive support is available using a 2 in 1 adapter that mounts in the 3.5 hard drive bays. This adapter allows two SSD drives to be mounted within the chassis
  • CPU retention hole - A simple hole allows for increased support of 1366 and AMD motherboards. A CPU retention hole provides easy removal of CPU coolers without removing the motherboard.
  • Ventilated expansion slots - Increased ventilation provided by the slotted covers provides secondary exhaust for hot waste air. Increased cold airflow makes GPUs perform better than in constricted designs.
  • E-ATX support - A full tower layout gives the HAF X full support for E-ATX motherboards. The HAF X supports a new generation of large ATX motherboards including the EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SLI. HAF X will not support EVGA Classified SR-2 because of non-standard width.

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