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The Verdict

Cooler Master has once again outdone itself with the HAF-X. Though the overall design and looks can be seen as a matter of taste, the features are just enormous. You'll receive a chassis with just so much space, it's incredible.

There is support for quad graphics card combos and the most extensive in size motherboards, excellent cable routing, the grand space for HDD's, the ease of use and installation, the sheer through and through black design, the rugged looks, USB 3.0 support and the two hot swappable HDD/SSD bays, the option to place the chassis on wheels. Then all the fans, the meshes, proper cooling for PSU, radiator liquid cooling mounts ... man the list just goes on and on.

It nearly can't be better, but yeah I did say nearly. Make no mistake, the configuration is just awesome, but if I may nitpick just a little, I would have really liked to see the front panel connectors behind a hinge or small latch. Secondly, the hot-swappable bays. I really like these (!), but why only two ? If you implement a feature like this then just go for four bays right away, daddy likes to swap them every now and then ;)

Anyway, that's all I have to moan really as the chassis itself is thought through so extremely well, that is pure quality there and nothing else. Cooler Master has set the MSRP at 199 USD/EUR and though it is a good chunk of money for a chassis, it certainly can not be considered an extravagant amount of money. Especially when you look at what you are receiving for that money, everybody guru3d-toppick-150px.jpgwill have to agree that this is a fair price and considering it is an MSRP, we expect to see that price drop even lower in say a week or six. So yeah, there you have it. The one thing that people might dislike is the rugged/military style of the chassis. but if you like the design, there's very little out there available on the market as good as this chassis.

Incredible features, a great design, very easy to use, proper cooling and sure you can camp in the thing as it is so spacious. The HAF-X is once again a top notch addition to the HAF series PC cases, we're going to grant it our best top pick award.

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