Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard review

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Final Words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

It is hard to argue about the quality that Cherry offers, and as such the MX Board 6.0 is a very welcome addition in a slowly becoming saturated market of mechanical keyboards. I will say this though, in all honesty the looks I feel are a little dim, as well as the feature-set (compared to others). This keyboard is selling at 165 running up-to 185 euro which is an awful lot of money. The Cooler Master, Corsair, G.Skill and others out there offer Cherry MX based mechanical keyboards in a wide variety with way more options. These keyboards are often programmable with G macro keys, include USB HUB and of course as of lately, the RGB lit keyboards or the inmense per key animation systems. Again, all that sits in the exact same price range. So from that point of view, the Cherry MX 6.0 is going to be a very hard sell, as the aesthetics and features remain basic, while the price is premium. You are however receiving something well designed and comfortable to play games on. 

A small tip for Cherry, imagine this keyboard in totally black anodized aluminum .. I know .. that would be cool right ?


The MX board 6.0 does come with a rather exclusive feature, RealKey signal processing. This is an analogue method that Cherry applies to reduce key input lag from 20ms to just 1ms. And that makes the keys seriously fast and responsive. Realistically though, I think the interaction inbetween my brain and the keyboard is like 200ms, so having tested many keyboards ... I can't feel and tell the difference but ultimately it is an extra  feature. 



Final words

The MX Board 6.0 is a great keyboard with a sturdy design that is flags all boxes green. The metal feel combined with Cherry switches make this a grand product. It's a terrific keyboard to type on (aside from noise) and gaming wise it is very responsive. It is a grand product, but it remains to be a grand product that needs to compete with many other premium Cherry based keyboards, and compared to them .. the MX Board 6.0 is rather basic. But hey, many of you like basic and simple so what am I rambling about right ? Should a keyboard like this cost 165~185 euro / 200 USD ? Therein is the big conundrum to be found and only you guys will be the judge to that. Regardless of my comments, the keyboard feels incredibly responsive and handles NKRO without any issues. Like any mechanical keyboard and first time usage of this concept, it does take getting used to a little. Give yourself a few days with they keyboard to fully understand it and get a feel for it. As using a mechy definitely is a little different compared to your run of the mill keyboard. We do have to warn you though that if you use the keyboard for productivity (typing letters etc) then noise might become a factor to consider. Mechanical keyboards are simply more noisy when you type on them. So concluding we state that the MX Board 6.0 comes highly recommended for the true FPS gamers that like a basic keyboard without too much bling and programmability. Definitely recommended, but we do feel that the price will need to come down significantly for it to make sense compared to other keyboards in this segment and price range.

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