Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase


Okay, we're going to have a closer look at the product guided with the help of lotsa photos. As always packaging and bundle first. 


Unpacking shows a simple bundle, the keyboard, the soft rubberized wrist rest and a manual/warranty guide. The MX board 6.0 is great to look at albeit I immediately thought 'what a missed opportunity that the keyboard is not entirely black'. Across the keyboard you will notice red and some blue back-lights (once activated), these can be dimmed. We'll show you the keyboard powered on over the next few pages of course.


Once we have a better and closer look at the keyboard the word sturdy comes to mind. The keyboard once again is heavy (1350 grams / wrist rest is 257 grams), made out of a plastic base with brushed aluminum on top of it. This is a regular silver version, we would have loved to see an anodized brushed black aluminum version. You will notice that the keys (all are mechanical Cherry MX red ).

The keyboard feels like a heavy weight, and combined with rubber feet will ensure you from the keyboard sliding away. It has a very firm grip on my desktop. The 'querty' keys itself are mechanical, making use of Cherry Red MX switches. The idea behind mechanical switches is that they give a key press a more perceptible feel than the standard rubber membrane used in cheaper keyboards. Gamers seem to prefer mechy's very much over dome based keys and ever since the past year or two mechanical keyboards have been on the rise. 



Media function keys on the keyboard itself are basic yet functional, you will use them with the help of the function key. There is also a windows lock mode key, which allows you to disable the Windows key and get dropped back to the desktop by accident in a hefty gaming session. These functions are all supported at default, there's no need to install any software whatsoever. 

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