Cherry MX Board 6.0 Keyboard review

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Technical Specifications

The Tech & Specifications

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 we feel is a nice match for FPS gaming. They keyboard has been in the stores for a little while now. Priced steep at in the 165 EUR market, this peripheral has a lot to offer for the true FPS gamer. The keyboard is advanced with Cherry MX Red interchangeable keys for rapid fire, full-key rollover, windows key lock, a contoured wrist rest as well as support for a 1ms report rate and more.

  • Cherry MX red switches with NKRO
  • RealKey fully analogue signal processing
  • Red back-lighting (100 brightness levels)
  • Media, backlighting adjust and Windows lock keys
  • Aluminum (sanded-finish) housing
  • Removable wrist rest
  • 2 metre textile-covered USB cable
  • 454 x 147 x 28.4 millimetres (keyboard only)
  • 1350 grams (wrist rest is 257 grams)
Thanks to an analogue signal path, all buttons are connected directly to the controller, so there is no need for digital scanning of the switching points. The MX Board 6.0 can rapidly transmit signals to the PC in less than a millisecond and is ideally suited for situations where response time is crucial. In contrast, conventional mechanical keyboards works much slower and need around 20 milliseconds because of their signal conversion. More so, RK-technology allows for a full N-key rollover and 100 percent reliable anti-ghosting. CHERRY ensures that all keys can be read simultaneously, actively preventing any erroneous interpretation of the signal inputs. Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches provide fast, linear response and low-noise operation. Since it is fully mechanical, you’ll get that response with any key you press. There’s a full key matrix anti-ghosting mechanism for perfect signal quality, and the full-key rollover ensures accuracy no matter how fast you play. The aluminum frame is lightweight and durable for hours and hours of intense play.

100% Cherry MX Red Mechanical Key Switches
You get smooth, linear key response for ultra fast double and triple taps without the audible click. 

Brushed Aluminum Chassis
The frame has a professional-grade look and feel, plus the rugged durability you need for hours of gaming.

Full key Matrix Anti-Ghosting with full-Key Rollover
Every keystroke translates into accurate gameplay—even when multiple keys are pressed. There’s no signal degradation, and it keeps up with you, no matter how fast you play.

USB Pass-Through
An extra USB connector is provided. It’s great for attaching a Vengeance gaming mouse or headset.

Soft-Touch Wrist Rest
Give your wrists a break, or take it off if it gets in the way.

The MX Board 6.0 has been fully equipped with its own, German engineered, high-quality gold-crosspoint switches, which have a lifespan of more than 50 million operations, allowing CHERRY to guarantee the highest precision when triggered. The new performance keyboard utilizes red switches, which operate without tactile feedback and minimal resistance. The linear actuation force is 45 centinewton. Each switch is also equipped with a red LED. This gives the MX Board 6.0 an even backlight with brightness control. The matching laser-engraved keycaps are optimized to achieve perfect illumination. CHERRY has accomplished this by using higher key caps, like with the G80-3000. With this change, unwanted illumination of the key gaps are eliminated.

Feature set for enthusiasts
In order to make long-term use more comfortable, users can attach an included rubberized palm rest. Its easy handling is guaranteed thanks to a sophisticated mounting magnet system, allowing the palm rest to quickly be removed for cleaning or stowing. CHERRY is catering to enthusiasts with the configurable Windows key, bi-color status keys and twelve function keys that can be assigned with two different functions.

Purist design and excellent craftmanship
Despite its eye-catching back-light, the MX Board 6.0 features a basic and puristic design. CHERRY has chosen for a high-quality 454 x 147 x 24,8 mm housing. The upper side is made of aluminum with a sanded finish; a grease-repellent coating ensures high resistance against everyday influences. The high quality of the keyboard is complemented by its textile braided, two-meter long USB-cable.


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