Call of Duty Advanced Warfare VGA graphics performance benchmark review

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In-game screenshots


Some in-game screenshots


Image quality overall has increased with this release, and as such it will spot better image quality throughout the game, yet sometimes there are textures that will make you puke. This applies to the entire game, but overall it drove upwards image quality wise by a notch over the previous releases. 


Overall, (for our tests) we maxed out image quality settings, and it is looking okay nice I must admit. We'll show you some more later on in the article.


Advanced Warfare debuts a next-gen upgrade game engine that has powered Duty titles since Call of Duty 2 back in 2005. Under the hood, there are over half a dozen significant updates, including the addition of tessellation, enabling the creation of highly detailed environments.


The overall scene quality is a mixed bag though, make no mistake these are screenshots we took ourselves, in-game. Really it is a nice improvement overall but sometimes you will be scratching behind your ear. The usage of motion blurring also has become a feature that is used a little bit too often. 


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