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DeepCool Maelstrom 240 - cooling like a whirlpool

We test and review the DeepCool Maelstrom 240, a 240mm Liquid cooler that is performing really good in a saturated LCS kit market. Yeah so , DeepCool has released the Maelstrom 240 AIO liquid cooling kit under tgheor Gamer Strom branding.  In today's review we'll be examining the Maelstrom240; armed with two 120mm fans and a 240mm radiator it is one of the more affordable 240MM products we have tested to date.

Maelstrom - noun 

  1. a large powerful whirlpool
  2. any turbulent confusion

A large and powerful whirpool sounds best. Maelstrom 240 is a self-contained (AIO) CPU cooling unit based on liquid cooling. It does not require much setup installation. With a pump and radiator ship pressure tested, pre-filled, and sealed directly from the factory to provide maintenance-free operation for years. This ease of use extends to its support of the latest Intel and AMD sockets; including the latest Intel LGA 1155/1156/2011 and AMD FM2 sockets. The Maelstrom series is equipped with 0.2 mm high-density water micro channel and cooper block to offer an efficient thermal conduct along with 120 mm X 27 mm Aluminum fin to maximize its cooling performance. Fan replacement is available with the standard built-in mounting holes. However, as stated the market is fierce and competitive, will the Maelstrom 240 be able to offer enough cooling performance ?

Well, let's find out, but have a look at what's tested today first. 



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