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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

As you have been able to notice from the results, we started using a new test-platform that is more representative anno 2014. We however did not expect the Core i7 4970K to be such a nasty processor to cool. Regardless we have to build results from scratch again and over time more comparative results will be added. The new test platform makes use of the Core i7 4790K and we test it in a default setup (clocks) and then overclocked at 4600 MHz with 1.3 Volts. Now the 1.3 Volts is not needed for the overclock, 1.2 Volts would have been good enough as well. However we inject more voltage to see how the cooler behave, and we know with certainty that some of you are overclocking with that 1.3 Volts. That does however make it a tough job for the cooler to cope with. Admittedly, we have been pleasantly surprised by the Maelstrom 240, the cooling performance is really nice and on par with high-end cooling.  That said, it is a slightly more noisy product though. Now with default clock the product is relatively silent. However overclocked you will rise towards an audible level. Not irritating, but yes you can hear the product. And that is the trade-off for the Maelstrom. I could certainly live with the noise levels and I am very specific when it comes to noise levels normally. The dual 120mm radiator with the two high performing fans makes a difference, cooling capacity is definitely good enough for even a nice overclock.


Aestethics & Design

The overall looks are very good as far as I am concerned, all black design with the red blades in the fans, easy to install with the mounting system, prefilled... it's one of the most easy and comfortable kits on the market to use and install. The looks are lovely. The black design will make this kit look great in any PC. It simply is a good alternative toward heatpipe coolers with the added benefits of being fairly quiet whilst offering very nice looks. We like the simplicity, only one wire goes from the water-block to the motherboard, and then the fan just needs a FAN header on your mobo as well. Installation is simply a breeze, easy and fast. No skills are required other than the need for ten minutes to install the kit.


The Maelstrom 240 is a product in the high-end performance side of things, obviously it will not reach the "enthusiast" segment of cooling. But make no mistake, the performance is fairly good for a 240mm rad based product, but remains to be just that if you compare it to proper LCS gear. Let me also remind you that you can easily spend 200/300 EUR on tubing, radiators, cooling blocks, reservoirs and so on whereas this all in one kit can be found for a just under 100 USD. Right now the problem is actually finding the product as I cannot find any availability.


Final words

We can easily recommend the DeepCool Maelstrom, as for an AIO kit it definitely is one of the better performing ones out there. Combined with an easy to install design, good looks and really nice performance you purchase a product that is spot on money wise. The kit is not the most silent one, it certainly isn't noisy either. You'll have plenty of extra capacity to overclock as well. If you are wondering about the temperatures you have seen at 1.3 Volts, well... this is the nature of the Haswell processor tested. You will likely not need 1.3V for 4400~4600 MHz. Overall the DeepCool Maelstrom 240 manages really well with the tested Core i7 4790K processor we fired off at it, if you need 1.30 Volts even then it will offer enough cooling performance, and that remains a tough task for any cooler.

Well done DeepCool.

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