BioShock Infinite VGA Graphics Benchmark performance test

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DX11 - Ultra Quality with DDOF - FXAA performance

DX11 - High Quality - FXAA performance

So we start off with a monitor resolution of 1600x1200, I've dropped 1280x1024 as it just isn't a popular monitor resolution any more - all tests have DX11 / Ultra Quality mode with Diffusion Depth of Detail enabled according to the settings we have shown you in the past few pages. This is the internal benchmark, we can recommend Ultra Quality settings for modern mid-range graphics cards, and here's why.


Our scores are average frame rates so you need to take a margin in mind for lower FPS at all times. As such we say 40 FPS for this game should be your minimum, while 60 FPS (frames per second) can be considered optimal. Ideally you start with an R77900 or GeForce GTX 560 Ti, which are fairly cheap and will offer you nice performance.

But can the game run mid-range graphics cards at 1920x1200 / FullHD ?


Heck yes - in a more civilized 1920x1200 monitor resolution you'll notice that the numbers are already crumbling down a bit. Keep that 40 FPS minimum in mind as you want a little reserve. Also keep in mind that all levels are different, some more harsh on the GPU than others. The opening scene for example is a drag.  A GeForce GTX 650 To Boost would be great  for the money in this resolution as well as a Radeon HD 7870. But heck even an R6970 managed fine as well as the dated GeForce GTX 480.


A monitor resolution of 2560x1600 is of course more complicated, still even with a GeForce GTX 660 Ti or Radeon HD 7950 you could manage the job well. Though we'd recommend something a step higher. So these are your average framerates at Ultra Quality settings enabled.

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