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Product Showcase

Product Showcase 

So again, the PSU is fully modular. As you can see, there are a decent number of power feeds/connections. Basically, you can hook up three cables for your storage units and two PCI-Express graphics card cables (each split into two connectors), we'll show you that on the next page. The PCIe graphics connectors are each tied to their own +12V rails with 18A on rails 1+2 and 22A on rails 3+4. At the front side, we spot a small honeycomb air vent; it allows for airflow running through the PSU, cooling down its components and keeping them nicely efficient. Also, obviously we spot the power connector and the on/off switch. The product remains fairly small with a length of just 16 cm - its complete dimensions are 160mm x 86mm x 192mm. At the top you'll stumble into a Silent Wings 3 fan. The PSU fan is 135mm specifically designed to move more air through the power supply components with less noise than conventional fans used in power supplies, which you can see on the blade design of this unit. Believe it or not, there's actually a lot of science going on with fans these days. 






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