be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum PSU review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase

We start with the simple stuff -- the packaging, so you know what to look for in the stores. The PSU inside is packaged nicely and protected in a carton. The SP11 is an update to its predecessor, with the main changes being an increase in power efficiency and slightly better (lower) noise levels. The power supply and cables all come in a carton packaging protected with bubble wrap and carton. The PSU is well protected and the modular cables can be found in a separate compartment as well. Next, to cabling, you will also receive screws, tie-wraps and a manual. Note that the PSU is 100% modular. The PSU breathes this stylish matte dark finish with a black theme. The PSU is ready for all current CPU & GPU generations (though that depends on the wattage model of your choice) and offers high capacity on two +12V rails 12V3 and 12V4 (depending on the model).






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