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Graphics memory (VRAM) usage D3D11 and Conclusion

Graphics memory (VRAM) usage

How much graphics memory does the game utilize versus your monitor resolution with different graphics cards and respective VRAM sizes? Well, let's have a look at the chart below. The listed MBs used in the chart are the maximum measured utilized graphics memory during the test run. 


Graphics cards at the 4GB marker combined with the best quality settings will be sufficient up-to 1080p, but the game eats it all with Ultra quality settings as it caches as much as it needs. As such in the higher resolution, realistically if you have it available we'd close in at 6GB used. Up to Full HD (1920x1080) any 4 GB graphics card of decent caliber will do the job well. We'd advise 6 GB will still be sufficient for 2560x1440. If you want to play Ultra quality with Ultra HD as preferred monitor resolution, 8GB is advised. 

DirectX Raytracing and NVIDIA RTX

We've updated this article numerous times through the week and added DXR (Raytracing results). I wanted to add a separated chapter as the results that we've measured are a bit staggering really. I guess we all knew that DirectX raytracing would take a performance penalty in overall game performance, I, however, did not expect it to be this massive. It feels like PhysX all over again, meaning this first generation Turing hardware might simply not have what it takes to drive Raytraced games, or better yet, Hybrid Raytracing as the game obviously utilizes a symbiosis of Shading and Raytracing. The 5 December patch really helps in performance, however, the perf penalty remains extensive.


We tested DX12 mainly, as mentioned for the aforementioned reasons. Mainstream graphics cards like the GTX 1060 will offer you a very healthy framerate at normal resolutions with all eye-candy turned on. Remember, we test on reference cards, your AIB card might be 15% faster by default already. Also, the game rendering engine is difficult to objectively measure right now, as some scenes pushed over 75 FPS, where on others you are at 40 FPS. For now, though it’s nice to know that those rocking a GTX 1060 or RX 570 have a lot to look forward too. At 1440p the game can be enjoyed in all of its glory with Vega 56 or a GTX 1070. overall, things are as expected. The game has a really nice single player and multiplayer options, go check it out.

If you have a go in the game, please do make sure you have installed the latest compatible graphics card driver. You can download the latest GeForce 416.81 WHQL drivers here and AMD, the Radeon Adrenalin 18.11.1 driver here. 

** This article has had multiple updates. 

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