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HTPC Usage

Using Your NAS As A Media Center HTPC

Mentioned already, but on this page I quicly wanted to show you as to why there is a HDMI connector at the backside of this NAS. ASUSTOR is the first to widely implement HDMI applications on NAS platforms.


Before you start, install Python, Xorg, Chrome, ASUSTOR portal and Kodi from the app store. Once you connect the HDMI cable to an HDTV a Portal App will show up. Through Chrome (pre-installed) you can access the management software, but also startup XBMC (KODI) or when you install compatible network cameras, a Surveillance Center. You are looking at 1080P 60 Hz. The photos on this page are based on another ASUSTOR model, it is the same stuff and outcome of course.


It is a pretty cool feature as with XBMC for example you can play movies, and it works pretty darn well I must say. The output quality is good. Video playback of 1080P MKV files I'd classify as OK. There is a bit of jitter here and there, we think that the CPU is maxed out and an occasional framedrop was noticed. It is very watchable, but not perfect in the sense you can expect from a dedicated media player or smart TV.


You can control the NAS by simply connecting a keyboard and mouse to it or even mobile, but what I really recommend (if you want to use the unit as an HTPC, is to purchase the remote control we have shown you.





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