Asustor AS3204T NAS review

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NAS Settings & Storage Manager



For our final page of screenshots we look at settings and the storage manager. So if you hit the settings button you can see a plethora of functionality within the ADM (managing software). Remember that we did a quick install? A side-effect was that our timezone wasn't properly configured. No biggy, hit regional options and work your way through from there on.


Another interesting option is the ability to configure things like power consumption and heck, even the brightness of the LEDs on this unit. In Energy control you get to choose HDD sleep mode timeouts etc but also the option to have the NAS unit hit S3 system sleep mode (suspend to RAM) if there is inactivity. You can also setup a schedule in which the NAS automatically sleeps and wakes up, say evening time if you only use it for movie playback. Overall the unit does not consume much power at all though.


ADM Defender allows you to setup rules in the sense what IP or IP ranges may access the NAS unit, or which ones to block automatically if too many improper logins occur.


Once you hit the storage manager you will be able to read out your storage unit. We used an SSD to maximize read/write performance testing for the objective reproduction benchmarks.

Below some random screenshots:






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