ASUS ROG STRIX Scope keyboard review

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What you are going to find irritating is that the multi-media keys like volume, mute etc are placed on the F5 to F12 keys. That means that if you want to activate F10 for example, you'll have to press the Fn key + F10. By itself, not an issue, however the F1 to F4 key function normally (without the usage of th Fn key). It is somewhat confusing and I would rather see the multi-media functionality activated by the Fn key opposed to the other way around.



There's a button or four for the keyboards back-lit keys, which can be adjusted in brightness modes and Fn. You can cycle through I believe it was 7 preset animations. Of course, you can configure anything RGB with AURA SYNC software as well.  


Once powered on for the first time, you'll be welcomed with the rainbow animation on the keys. We'll talk a bit more about the animation and functionality with the software overview later in this article. 


The backside, plain and simple. We mentioned the rubber feet already. You can use standoffs as well to allow a little more height and create an angled position. It has a very firm grip on my desktop.


The Scope has a braided cable with one USB connector (2.0). The cable is roughly two meters in length, which offers plenty of reach.


As mentioned, you cannot clip on a wrist rest (turned upside down for visual), which I do miss a bit. Then again this is meant to be a compact keyboard design. 


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