ASUS ROG STRIX Scope keyboard review

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Product Showcase

Product Showcase



As always, we start off with packaging and bundle first. The core and fundamental features of a keyboards like these are all fairly the same, this mechy includes Cherry MX keys (most popular is RED). The keyboard offers RGB, IP32, 1000Hz polling, full-key rollover though, USB options and 100% anti-ghosting. Obviously, the packaging has is matching to suit the ROG line of products.


Unpacking shows the bundle kit, the first thing I noticed is that the keyboard does not offer a touch wrist rest, which surprised me little in this price range. For that you need to revert towards a 'Deluxe; version. The Scope is marketed as a gaming keyboard, and yes with most games you'll get its freak on'. Across the keyboard you will notice RGB back-lights, these can be dimmed colored and even configured on a per key basis. We'll show you the keyboard powered on over the next few pages of course. 




The keyboard is quite heavy, made out of a plastic base with a dark cover. In fact, the keyboard has a really dark theme to it and in a darkened room the LED-lit keys will be vibrant and bright, especially at maximum settings. The diffused LED lighting against the aluminum frame does look nice.




You'll receive a set of silver-colored keycaps and key puller with the keyboard, we received a used/rotated keyboard and the silver ones are already installed on the keyboard btw.

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