AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review

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So yeah - it's all a little bit different alright, a closed-loop liquid cooling solution, the smaller form factor, some new lighting options. But overall from an aesthetic point of view, a very decently designed product if you ask me.


Here we can see the connectors; as explained, Display Port 1.2a x 3, one HDMI 1.4a connector and thus lacking is a DVI connector. Obviously, Eyefinity works here perfectly fine as well, DP recommended of course. It might be a very interesting card with which to set up a desktop multi-monitor setup.


The card comes with two BIOSes. One stores a STANDARD reference BIOS, and another one that functions as fail-safe. The micro DIP switch is just above the Radeon logo. Below the two 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors you can see an array of red LEDs, these are in fact GPU load indicators. All red for full GPU utilization, half of them at 50% load. Once in IDLE or zero power mode, one LED will remain active. 


Now, if you looked closely (and as a Guru3D reader we assume you already did), you would have noticed a set of micro switches on the back side as well. This card has phase load LEDs, full load and a series of LEDs will activate. These switches allow you to configure the colors. 8+1 LEDs located above the PCIe power connectors that indicate the intensity level of the GPU operation. For example, during a typical gaming session all 8 LEDs will be lit, and while typically idling on the desktop a single LED will be lit. These 8 LEDs are user configurable to either red and/or blue by the physical dip-switch located on the back side of the graphics card. The 1 green LED located alongside the 8 LEDs indicates when the graphics card is in ZeroCore Power operation.



The top side Radeon logo is now LED lit as well, especially for PCs with a side see-through panel, that will be very visible.

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