AMD Radeon R9 Fury X review

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The Fiji based Radeon R9 Fury X has a TDP set at, give or take, 275 Watts. You power it by using two 8-pin PCI-Express graphics card headers. Combined they allow for 300 Watts with another 75 Watts coming from the PCIe slot, so that is 375 Watts of power delivery at your disposal, handy for a bit of tweaking I'd say.


If we zoom in a little, up top you will see a micro DIP switch; the card has two BIOSes, both equal. One simply functions as a fail-safe should you mess up a firmware flash. So there's no 'uber' performance mode like the 290X had here.


The backside of the card is also completely covered. So yeah, thermal imaging is going to be a challenge today! So the backside is a thing of preference for many of you these days. It allows for a better protected product in the critical areas yet also makes a card more sturdy. 



The Fury X comes with a liquid cooling solution, from this perspective it might look a little bulky, but it's all good really. The radiator is roughly 4cm thick and with the fan on top of it, 6.5 cm. It follows the standard 120mm form factor so this unit will be easy to house pretty much anywhere inside a chassis.


The unit makes use of a good quality fan, overall the cooling solution is relatively quiet. But we'll show you some measurements later on in this article. The fan/pump etc. are powered through the graphics card, so you do not have to worry about any spaghetti of wires, it's all connected for you, so really you pop in your graphics card, connect the power connectors and monitor and you are good to go.

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