AMD Athlon 5350 APU and AM1 Platform Review

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Product Showcase - AMD Series APU Photo's

Product Showcase - AMD Kabini Series APU


Here you can see the AMD Kabini APU - the Athlon 5350. This one has the CPUs, Northbridge and a GPU merged into it though. And it makes all the difference. We can also see the laser inscription on the APU. 


Desktop Kabini processors need to be paired with an AM1 chipset, and require socket FS1b.


 Our processor has a maximum clock frequency of 2.05 Ghz on all four CPU cores yet it only consumes 25 Watts.


The mainboard we use is the Mini ITX based MSI AM1I - AMD has send along Radeon series memory. One 4 GB DIMM running 1600 MHz. These are of course optimized for the AMD platforms to ensure maximum compatibility. The motherboard is like 29 EUR and the processor 50 bucks ... 25 Watts yet you gain SATA3, Gigabit Ethernet, audio, proper monitor outputs and so on. Quite impressive actually.

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