AMD A8 5600K review

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Product Showcase - AMD A10-5800K APU

Product Showcase - AMD A8-5600K APU


Here you can see the AMD Trinity APU. Pretty much as big as any other Llano FM1 APU or Phenom or even Athlon II processor you have seen. This one has a Northbridge and a GPU merged into it though. And it makes all the difference.


AMD 'A' series APUs Generation 2 will not fit on Socket AM3/AM3+ though, the processors have a new socket design called FM2. Your Socket AM3/AM3+ CPU cooler however remains compatible with FM2. We fitted the good old OCZ Vendetta cooler without any issues.


Here we can see the laser inscription on the APU. We have two Trinity APUs at hand. The A10 5800K APU though. It runs at 3800 Mhz and can turbo towards 4200 MHz and today's tested A8 5600K at 3600 MHz with a Turbo towards 3900 MHz.

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