AMD A8 5600K review

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Performance - GPGPU OpenCL WinZIP Accelerated Encoding

An example of OpenCL GPGPU performance us making use of Winzip 16.5 in particular. We compress four sets of 292 MB of data (a driver package) and with the new WinZip we can now enable OpenCL, meaning the compression routine uses the GPU to compress and that speeds up performance significantly.


So this test is very rough and new so only a few entries here:


Basically what you see is almost 1 GB of data being compressed. The Core i7 2600K (high-end) on it's own takes 29 Seconds. The A10 5800K is a budget APU, it needs 42 seconds to finish the same job. The A8 5600K needs 45 seconds.

If we enable OpenCL then the numbers go down quickly. The IGP OpenGL assist brings the performance towards 31 seconds for A10 and 35 secs for A8. Though we have to say, in the 2600K setup we had a Radeon HD 7700 installed, once you enable OpenCL on that one ... it kills. But surely you can see the benefit of GPGPU assisted tasks. 

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