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The radiator on the EISBAER EXTREME BLACK EDITION is based on a 280 mm design that is 30 mm thick and has a lower fin density than what is typically seen in other all-in-one liquid coolers. This should allow better airflow through the radiator and lower noise levels at similar RPM. 


Theoretically, push/pull fan setups are possible on the Alphacool EISBAER EXTREME BLACK EDITION, but it would be about 90 mm in total.


Both 140mm Silent Wings 3 fans are located at the top of the aluminum enclosure, and they suck air outwards (which means the Eisbaer Extreme 280 Black Edition has to be mounted at the top of the case). The be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans run at a maximum of 1300 rpm and feature a maximum airflow of 64.81 CFM. That’s the theory, but in reality, the range of useful RPMs is wider (especially in the lower end):


In Fan Xpert 4, it was possible to set the RPMs as low as about ~330 (in Extreme Quiet mode), with a max of 1371 rpm (so about +5% over the declared value). You have to remember that results may vary depending on the fan sample and the motherboard too.


The radiator’s (it’s an Alphacool 280mm NexXxos) dimensions are 297 x 144 x 30mm. It has copper fins, which should allow faster heat transfer.


To simplify the design, the pump, reservoir, and radiator are of course set up as one unit. 


The pump, Alphacool Eispump VPP755 V3, is powered by Molex (ouch, it’s 2019 Guys! and SATA would be enough to power up this pump), features a maximum discharge rate of 340 l/hr, and has a PWM RPM range of 2100–4350.


Although it’s a PWM pump, you can set the range of RPMs manually after removing the cooler’s chassis. There are five adjustable steps:

  • 2100 RPM (120 L/h)
  • 2700 RPM (140 L/h)
  • 3330 RPM (280 L/h)
  • 3950 RPM (320 L/h)
  • 4350 RPM (340 L/h)

The water block (Alphacool Eisblock XPX) has the manufacturer’s logo and white model name displayed on top of an aluminum housing. The 3-pin plug’s sole purpose is to illuminate the Alphacool logo. The base of the block has recessed screws and a smooth finish, although it’s not mirror-like. All of the connections are also g¼ inch fittings, so theoretically you could swap out things like the tubing, or even integrate the pump, reservoir or radiator into an existing loop.


When it comes to the base, it's nickel-plated copper with a mirror finish.


The reservoir has a 138 ml capacity and the window (enabling the check of level of fluid) is made from acryl.


You can see the level of fluid on both sides of the case. Looking below the reservoir, you have a port. This can also be used to drain/fill the unit if required. 

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