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Final Words & Conclusion


The reviewed LCS kits performed great and handled even an overclocked Core i7 8700K processor at 4.8 GHz with greatly increased voltage (albeit we used a delidded one in this review). The cooling test results were really the best, with the EISBAER EXTREME BLACK EDITION staying silent at idle and more than reasonable under load. It was the best noise result so far on this test system.


What is different here as compared with other AIOs is the option to expand the loop. If the tubing isn’t long enough, you can change it. The same applies to the block (but the provided one is really good) and fittings (which are G ¼ ones). The noise levels are great overall. At maximum speed, the Alphacool EISBAER EXTREME BLACK EDITION is not loud, and it performs great.

As for the wiring, it also looks very nice, without too many cables, and it was relatively easy to manage it properly. The only drawback is the length and that the pump is powered by a Molex (not SATA) cable. The tubes bend quite well. Installation is quite time-consuming and takes more time than with the average competitor. Potential buyers will want to verify if their case can support this massive unit. As a 280mm design with the pump and reservoir inside a quite robust radiator housing, this unit is 385.5mm long, which makes it similar to a 360 mm CLC.



The Verdict

The MSRP of €249.95/$283.49, it’s definitely not making this kit an affordable solution - we can say it loud clear – 'it’s expensive'. Despite that, we think that it’s worth the money, and if you are looking for a top-performing AIO liquid cooler with the expandability, you might want to keep an eye out for the Alphacool EISBAER EXTREME BLACK EDITION, as the possibilities are almost unlimited. The basic performance/noise measurements are really great. You need to remember, though, that the PWM cables are quite short, and that the installation process is harder than with other AIOs. Also, it would be better to use a SATA cable rather than a Molex for powering up the pump. Again, a reminder, this 280mm unit is as big as a typical 360mm CLC, so you need to check if your chassis has enough free space (you can find the compatible ones at the bottom of the second page of this review). We sure hope that Alphacool improves the (overall minor) shortcomings in the near future. Other than that, improve is the word that sticks.

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