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ConclusionThe mainboard is extremely stable in the configurations we tested it. Right now it is running constantly overclocked with a 150 MHz FSB. As a result of such overclocking (and any P4 can do this FSB easily) combined with the enabled memory turbo mode in the BIOS it made our memory run at 400 MHz (you need specific DDR400 compatible memory for that) we see results that are really awesome as memory bandwidth passes 3000MB/sec.

Unfortunately this mainboard lacks some goodies like RAID, Gigabit LAN and Serial ATA. If I where to release a Special Edition I'd equipped it with every bell and whistle I could possible think of. It also lacks Albatron goodies like VoiceGenie and Dual BIOS funtions. Downside of that is of course that it would make the mainboard rather expensive. So I can see why Albatron did what they did, this Special Edition will be affordable for anyone. Set aside this small remark and you have a really excellent mainboard here. It's just so stable and fun to work with. Devices like LAN ran also excellent and without problems, copying from HD to HD over a network delivered like 85% network utilitzation wich is an impressive number (85%x100MBit:8=10.5 MB/sec). Fact is that there is very little improvement possible on a mainboard like this, the one thing I would have liked to see was AGP8x compatibility. The mainboard does not support AGP 8x so it can only handle AGP 1x/2x and 4x. If you plan to buy such a videocard in the near future then you might divert to another mainboard, make not of the fact though that even with an AGP 8x compatible graphics card like a fast  Radeon 9700/9800 Pro of GeForce FX the difference between AGP8x and 4x is extremely small. This by definition is of course not Albatron's fault, the problem lies in the Intel chipset that simply does not support it. 

Let's sum it up, the mainboard behaves very stable and combine all that with a very attractive price and you have a product you can't beat. The black PCB and signature of Albatron's president plus the nifty Northbridge cooler gives this product a special feeling and look you can't beat. Next to that you'll get a free 4 channel soundcard that does it's job really swell.

Once again, congratulation to Albatron with their one year anniversary, it's amazing what you guys accomplished in such a small time-frame and such a harsh sector. A thumb up and definitely recommended mainboard.



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