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rounddefault-albatron-LE.jpgPX845PEV-800 (Anniversary Special Edition)
Manufacturer: AlbatronMSRP: 120
Author: Hilbert Hagedoorn

Recently our good friends from Albatron celebrated their first anniversary. That's right they only have been in the business one year. Within that year they accomplished something that is in my eyes remarkable. Excellent mainboards, exquisite graphics cards and some more different products have been released by them.

All products to date we have tested from them have been made with expertise that is amazing. It's not a really big surprise though, the head poncho of Albatron is a former executive from none less than Gigabyte. The expertise he obtained over there was likely inputted into Albatron, as result within one year Albatron became very popular. If the upcoming years Albatron will produce quality product like they have been doing the past year then will definitely give them our support as we only review product from companies that we really trust.

That being said I'd like to congratulate Albatron with their first anniversary, may there follow many more.

The product we are going to review today is a special anniversary mainboard called the PX845PEV-800, a limited edition. As you already figured out this is an Intel chipset based mainboard with using the 845PE chipset which is know for the excellent performance and stability. This mainboard even supports the newer Pentium 4 processors running an 800 Front Side Bus. What makes the anniversary edition so special ? Several things. Before we go into the nice hardware features the most important thing to remark is that this mainboard is signed in print on the PCB by Albatron's president Jack Ko, I wonder if he's being referred to as wacko jacko ? :)


So what are the additional features of this mainboard. Besides keeping the price low so this mainboard will be available to enough users we can see a stylish black PCB, a free 4 channel soundcard, LED colored Northbridge copper cooling, stylish packaging. That's not it though, the mainboard has integrated Intel 10/100 MBit full duplex LAN and fine techniques as Voice Genie.

The mainboard supports a total of 2 Gigabyte of DDR SDRAM which can be placed in three sockets, as stated optional you can overclock the memory towards DDR 400 bringing you the memory bandwidth your CPU deserves. Unfortunately the board does not support AGP8x, only 1X, 2X and 4X AGP are supported, not that big of deal right now to be honest, but if you plan to buy a Radeon 9800 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra you might seek another alternative like the new 865 based chipset from Intel as you are going for maximum compatibility, still benchmarks proof that modern videocards suffer very little from it, only 1% actually.

The PX845PEV-800 supports the Pentium 4 Processor in all it's ways, of course Hyper Threading, Socket 478 with FSB frequencies ranging at 400/533/800MHz (800 MHz capable by overclocking), 3 DDR333/400 memory sockets, 5 PCI slots, 1 AGP Slot, 6 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (4 by bracket and cable). It also contains a 3COM 10/100 Mbps LAN Chip.

Specifications enough to do a review I'd say. Let's take a look at some specifications and then photo's first we'll then run some benchmarks on a mainboard that's quite special.

The PX845PEV-800 Special Edition

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