Guru3D 2017 December 13 contest - Win an LE Star Wars Nvidia TITAN Xp worth €1200

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One of us will be saved from the horrors of miner-induced prices. Thanks for the contests Hilbert.
Hilbert, the RSS feed about this contest shows up with december 10th date, so I only noticed by accident. It was the same case with the previous ones. The basically have few days older date on them.
Good one, should be good now.
Holy freaking crap! $1200+ USD prize? HH must actually be a real life Don Vito to swing this kind of a prize. These are so rare and expensive they are like blocks of gold. Man, oh man, I have never believed in Santa or HH more than right now! Headed to bed and will attack the logo hunt tomorrow with fresh eyes. Best of luck!
What the... Christmas really came early this year.. What's next? A Tesla Roadster? 😀
Interestingly enough, this is the first contest entry that my basic sub 10 minute article sweep turned up the logo! Sneaky, sneaky boss man. 😉 Not sure if I agree with the "We made it more easy to spot" from the contest page, but I like your style on this one and the added (at least with how my eyes work) challenge on this most epic of giveaways. I'm going to try and keep all of my fingers and toes crossed until the first week of 2018 when the glorious winning email is sent out.
Cool Thanks for the chance!
May the (Ge)force be with you! oh well, better with me! 😀
I'll pass this one, all ready have two of them, thanks. This was dark side in me for a moment. (A Jedi joke) What a prize...Thanks GuruDD and all sponsors and of course HH, And good Luck to all. It seems that i found it and that article is gone now? Please can you fix it?
I must be blind , but until when does this contest last ?
This contest ends December 15th, 2017 (10:00 Central European Time (CEST) / 9:00am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Santa , did you leave the photo 🙂) .... Need coffee !!! Hly S*** did not expected that ! You are getting better and better with each single day. Good Luck to all . If I won;t win I can settle also for the 1070 TI from the first day !
You sneaky devil. I missed it the first time around. First time this has ever happened to me. Looks like the force was not with me.
Titan XP! This is crazy. Guru3D really intends to make this a December to remember for the extremely lucky winner.
I love these contests 😀
My random access method did work this time - found under 5 minutes.
Took me long enough... but found it! Good luck to you all!
This one was sooo hard for me. I looked into every single page...Then I finally found it and realised I had seen it probably twice without noticing it.