Guru3D 2015 December 20 contest - Win a Palit GTX 950 StormX Dual

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I need a cool and silent card , capable of medium-high 1080p gaming.
Well, I use onboard GPU right now, so I would love playing games on this one.
I would like to win this card because my old man is running his favorite game, Men of War, at a crappy resolution with an even crappier, severely artifacting GTX 550 even though he doesn't seem to care. I know he cares though, and I'd love to give him that one present to relieve him of that terrible gaming experience. What a perfect fit woul that Palit 950 be.
I'm used to play with a friend in LAN, but his PC is quite old now (9800GT). Would be nice if we could properly together again.
I'd love this card to replace the aging HD5870 in my wife's machine 🙂
To retire my old radeon 7750.
I'd love this card to replace my GTX 650 TI.
I need the hours! Working 12 hours per day during the week gives me no time to play video games anymore, Give me a reason to find a new job and get gaming once more!!! =[
I would like to own this graphics card because the iGPU in my A10-7800 just doesn't do a great job at games.
To upgrade from HD 7850. Had it for 4 years now and gonna be my 5th Christmas not having any upgrade. No budget. Had to give everything for family.
I would love this card as it will be perfect for my new htpc system. And because I read guru3d everyday and removed my ad blocker 😉
It's about time to give Nvidia another chance 🙂
I would like to own this graphics card to try out the multi graphics options on video games once they are more widely implemented into current games. I have a 290x and I think bundling it with this would possibly be a good combination. I would love to try it! For that purpose!
i need a powerful yet silent card for playing movies and some online games
This card would be perfect for a new PC for my parents, especially with the 0-dB tech and dx12 support for Win10.
I would like to own this card because it's blue 😀.
i would give it away, as a late christmas present 🙂 -andy-
GTX 950 is perfect like me that plays MOBA a lot and PALIT really give their GTX 950 a design having its StormX Dual and the blue color that made it stand out. Many thanks Guru3D
It is time to replace my old 8800GT and to play games on my new monitor.
i would like to upgrade my htpc. gl all