ViewSonic Fuels SC-T25 Based Raspberry Pi Thin Client with New Features

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ViewSonic announced a major platform update to its SC-T25 Citrix Ready workspace hub (previously known as Citrix HDX Ready Pi). Added workspace hub features include: beacon-based session roaming, QR code login, and Citrix Casting. Citrix Casting will enable seamless and secure session roaming from a mobile device to any display connected to the workspace hub. 

For the first time, with these additional tools, a wide variety of new uses are supported in the healthcare, finance, and enterprise markets.The new Citrix Ready workspace hub update means the already popular and high- performing SC-T25 will deliver even more compelling enterprise capabilities. Using secure login credentials presented in a phone or mobile device, users can seamlessly connect to their virtual workspace, simply based on proximity to an available ViewSonic SC-T25 workspace hub device. This will eliminate the need for manual login and network authentication, providing tremendous time-saving and productivity advantages for healthcare clinicians, financial analysts, and general knowledge workers in the enterprise space.

"With the Citrix workspace hub update to the SC-T25, ViewSonic is able build upon its high performing thin client solution to deliver a new level of versatility for businesses and enterprises," said Erik Willey, product marketing director at ViewSonic. "Our relationship with Citrix ensures that ViewSonic can easily build upon the success of the SC-T25 and transform it by adding a wide variety of new uses in different market segments to create seamless working environments."

"Citrix is pleased to be expanding on our long-term partnership with ViewSonic with the launch of the first official Citrix workspace hub," said Chris Fleck, VP & Technology Fellow at Citrix. "ViewSonic's SC-T25 (formerly HDX Pi) is the first Citrix Ready workspace hub device to support all the latest workspace hub technologies, including beacon based session roaming, QR code login, and Citrix Casting. In the coming months Citrix will work closely with ViewSonic to enable full device management capabilities of the Citrix Ready workspace hub under the Citrix XenMobile MDM platform. This new purpose built solution will deliver virtual workspaces with better security, reliability, ease-of-use, and lowest possible TCO to vertical markets."

Having partnered with industry leaders like the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Citrix Systems, Inc, ViewSonic is able to deliver a powerful thin client with an extremely attractive price point. Even more, last year ViewSonic announced a partnership with Stratodesk to bring a host of additional features, including NoTouch OS and Center management software which allows for simple provisioning and updating across networks.

With a slim and compact design and optional mounting plate, the ViewSonic SC-T25 easily attaches to a VESA-compatible monitor. With an eco-friendly design, the SC-T25 consumes less than 5W of power and uses up to 90 percent less energy than standard PCs. The SC-T25 is the smart choice for organizations looking to future-proof their virtual workspace.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub is a fully assembled thin client that includes everything you need in a single, orderable package.

  • HDX System-on-Chip
  • Citrix Receiver optimized with GPU offloading
  • Flash card with secure Linux operating system
  • Stratodesk NoTouch Enterprise Grade management software

The ViewSonic SC-T25 Citrix workspace hub will be available March 31, 2018 for an ESP of $99.99 through the company's network of channel partners. The Citrix workspace hub technical preview will be available for download on for new and existing ViewSonic SC-T25 devices.

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