VAIO Introduces the New VAIO S with VAIO TruePerformance and 8th Gen Core

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VAIO Corporation (It's not owned by Sony anymore) has introduced a new line of the VAIO S laptops equipped with the 8th Generation Intel Core Processor and VAIO TruePerformance, a technology designed to maintain higher performance for a longer period of time by increasing CPU power limits and more efficiently eliminating processor heat.

By applying VAIO TruePerformance, the 8th Generation Intel Core Processor demonstrates higher performance for both the CPU and graphics over the usual 8th Generation Core i7 Processor. In addition, the Core i5 Processor with VAIO TruePerformance has the effect of achieving higher performance than the usual 8th Generation Core i7 Processor.


The VAIO S with a 13.3" full HD display is an all-around performer for those looking for a machine that will last years, without sacrificing on any important features:

  • A Design That's Built to Last - The VAIO S is equipped with a molded magnesium alloy casing that ensures robustness and durability. The casing is further reinforced by adding ribs to the designated points, which also brings improvement to the feel of keyboard and touch pad.
  • Full Connectivity Options - Standard analog RGB Output, HDMI Output, LAN Connector, USB 3.0 (x 3) means no lugging around a number of adapters while traveling. Plus, the portable AC adapter comes equipped with a USB charging port.
  • Stress-Free Usability - When the laptop is opened, the keyboard is automatically tilted, making it more ergonomic and easier to type, reducing the stress on the palm and wrist. The touch pad comes with separate left and right buttons to avoid mistouch and it is aligned with the center of the keyboard for more natural typing. The VAIO S offers high performance without sacrificing portability or battery life (up to 8 hours 30 minutes).
  • Increases Security - For added security, the VAIO S comes standard with a built-in fingerprint login function.
  • Made in Japan - To guarantee precision and maintain exacting standards, every new VAIO S is completed at VAIO headquarters in Nagano, Japan

Pricing for the new VAIO S with TruePerformance starts at $1,199. The VAIO S will be available for order starting early February 2018.

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