Upcoming Ryzen 2.0 (Pinnacle Ridge) Will Get Soldered Heatspreader

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If the prognosis remains true, AMD will release the optimized v2.0 of Ryzen (Pinnacle Ridge) processors in April alongside a new X470 chipset. It has now been confirmed that these 2nd gen processors will get a soldered heat spreader, and not one based on thermal paste. 

Earlier this week AMD released Raven Ridge, the Ryzen 2000G series APUs, these actually have thermal paste between the die and heat spreader. Albeit TIM (thermal insulation material) is cheaper to use, it is suggested that they have poorer heat transfer and thus are less efficient to cool down. Pinnacle Ridge, however, will get that heat spreader soldered onto the die, which should be more efficient. AMD also applies this method for example with current Ryzen and Threadripper processors, and let us be honest here; you cannot complain about Ryzen temperatures whatsoever. The news was confirmed by AMDs Robert Hallock, earlier today.

Overclockers and colder processor aficionado's should like the news, there will be no need for delidding. The upcoming generation Ryzen v2.0 processors, Pinnacle Ridge aka Ryzen 2000 aka Zen+ will be based on an optimized 12nm (12LP) process based on fabrication at Global Foundries which could improve on clock frequency and internal efficiency. 

While the new v2.0 processors obviously also work with your X370 chipset based motherboard, but yes, there will also be an X470 motherboard chipset launched. The details of what that chipset will offer over the X370 are not yet announced though. In April we'll see 12nm Zen+ optimized Ryzen processors.  Zen 2 is fabbed at 7nm. Zen 3 is on track, launching in 2020 based on a 7nm+ (optimized) fabrication.

Upcoming Ryzen 2.0 (Pinnacle Ridge) Will Get Soldered Heatspreader

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