Transcend Announces MTE245S PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD Featuring Graphene Heat Spreader

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Transcend's MTE245S NVMe M.2 SSD utilizes a PCI Express 4.0 (x4) interface and is scheduled for an official release in mid-October, with pricing details yet to be disclosed. This SSD incorporates 3D NAND flash technology along with a multi-channel controller, resulting in impressive performance metrics. 

It achieves sequential read speeds of 5,300MB/s and sequential write speeds of 4,600MB/s. For random operations, it delivers 500,000 IOPS for read operations and 630,000 IOPS for write operations. To enhance thermal management, Transcend has integrated an ultra-thin graphene heat sink, effectively dissipating heat.

From a data integrity standpoint, the SSD is equipped with LDPC code and a robust ECC algorithm. It also features a RAID engine and dynamic thermal throttling mechanisms to efficiently control temperatures.

Storage capacities for the MTE245S range from 500GB to 4TB. Endurance metrics include total write capacities spanning from 300TBW to 2,400TBW, an impressive MTBF rating of 2 million hours, and a daily drive write capacity of 0.33DWPD over a 5-year period. In terms of its physical dimensions, the SSD measures 22mm in width, 80mm in depth, and 2.42mm in thickness (for a single-sided mount), with a weight of 9 grams.


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