Thermalright Introduces High-Performance M.2 SSD Heatsink Featuring Four Heatpipes and Fan

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Thermalright is set to launch two new M.2 SSD heatsinks: the HR-10 2280 PRO and the HR-10 2280 PRO BLACK. The release is slated for October 11th, and the cooling units are expected to retail at roughly $25 inclusive of tax.

HR-10 2280 PRO: This heatsink boasts four φ5mm heat pipes, specifically crafted to effectively distribute heat from the SSD across its surface. To further enhance its thermal management capabilities, it features a 30mm fan with a thickness of 10mm, ensuring the M.2 SSD remains cool.


HR-10 2280 PRO BLACK: Distinguished by its sleek black finish, the HR-10 2280 PRO BLACK mirrors the thermal features of the HR-10 2280 PRO. Both models are equipped with a 4-pin PWM cooling fan connector, allowing for an adjustable fan speed ranging from 3,500 to 6,500 rpm, with a variation of ±10%. The dimensions of these heatsinks are 23.7 mm in width, 90.3 mm in length, and 43.8 mm in height, with each weighing 95 g. For customer peace of mind, Thermalright provides a 1-year warranty on these products.

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