Swiftech announces new generation Boreas liquid cooling kits

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Swiftech today announced the release of their new generation Boreas liquid cooling kits. The Boreas liquid cooling kits are expected to strongly reinforce the company’s offerings.

The Boreas liquid cooling kits are expected to strongly reinforce the company’s offerings to the high-end DIY market space by incorporating new or upgraded technology, and by making several new key components available for individual sales; all major visible devices feature Addressable RGB lighting compatible with Swiftech’s IRIS technology as well as leading brand motherboards that offer Addressable LED support.

Included in the release are:

  • the Apogee SKF-LT universal CPU waterblock featuring 125 micron-thin Skived Copper Fins
  • the new Maelstrom D5 V2 integrated pump/reservoir combo available in 4 sizes, 6 accent colors, and featuring tempered glass tubing coupled to the iconic Xylem/Laing D5/MCP65X PWM controlled pump,
  • the Hydrae GT a completely new series of radiators, combining elegance to perfectly balanced performance in a thin and compact form factor,
  • the Helix 120 IRIS a new series of high pressure/low noise RGB fans,
  • the IRIS Eco V2 fan and lighting controller featuring new lighting effects,
  • Hydrx NF, a new Swiftech Nanofluid based coolant formulated by Mayhems,
  • the IRIS MB Link (optional in the kit), a new adapter allowing up to 3 IRIS compatible products to be controlled by motherboards supporting Addressable RGB LED.

Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech’s chairman and CEO declared: “with literally dozens of possible configurations, the Boreas liquid cooling kits reach the higher end of the DIY market space and complete Swiftech’s product line up really well by covering the entire spectrum of liquid cooling solution users.”

MSRP: Starting at $259.95

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