Scythe Susanoo CPU cooler has four 100mm fans

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Hmm, no thanks ? Scythe makes the headlines again, this time with the Susanoo a massive CPU cooler that weighs 1,565g and measures 210mm x 210mm x 160mm. The cooler has a nickel-plated copper base and features twelve 6mm heatpipes that dissipate the heat to a wide aluminium fin array. Airflow is provided by four 100mm Slip Stream fans, which provide 50.05 to 200.21CFM of airflow at a noise level of 9.42dBA to 37.69dBA.

Susanoo is compatible with Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD Socket AM2/AM2+/AM3 processors. It will be available in retail stores for 89.90EUR (incl. 19% VAT).
The Susanoo Scythe CPU cooler consists from the total of twelve 6mm heat pipes and features a two segment heat sink configuration by the name of DBS (Double Block Structure), resulting the Susanoo to this massive top-flow cooler form. Thanks to the large cooling area, the surrounding components such as MOSFETs, Northbridge, RAM and graphics card can be cooled simultaneously.The Scythe with Susanoo CPU Cooler is equipped with FMSB3 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 3) to ensure secure mounting on to the motherboard.

D.B.S (Double Block Structure)
By splitting the heatsink fin and heatpipe structure into 2 layers, 6 heatpipes at the bottom part + main heatsink fins to absorb the heat as a primarily stage, then the upper 6 heatpipes and sub heatsink fins to absorb the rest of the heat to create the ultimate cooling solution. Total 12 heatpipes are used in this super ultra-sized dimension heatsink, challenging the limit of the top-flow heatsink performance in the market!

W.A.M.S (Wide Area Multi Fan System)
All components around the CPU socket, including MOSFET, Northbridge, VGA, as well as RAM, this super ultra-sized heatsink can cool the entire devices in your PC! By using the build-in fan controller, this cooler can meet the demand from silent to high-performance users!

F.M.S.B.3 (Flip Mount Super Back-Plate 3)
Improved Scythe original back-plate names F.M.S.B.3 (Flip Mount Super Back-plate 3), the compatibility has been maximized as well as achieving the solid mounting of the cooler onto the motherboard.

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