Sapphire releases Factory Overclocked 295x2 OC model

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Sapphire has released a Factory Overclocked R9-295x2 called the R9-295X2 OC. Now before you expect a massive tweak I'd say don't get excited just yet as the reality of things is almost funny. The overclock is rather shameful and very laughable as the reference clock from 1018 MHz got tweaked towards (drum-roll) 1030 MHz. That's right a whopping 12 MHz overclock !

The good news is that the memory has been overclocked from 5.00 towards 5.20 GHz, but since the card is not at all bandwidth bound, that doesn't really help either. So what is this product really all about? Another Sapphire marketing plot ? Yeah we tend to believe so. Well, they did make the headlines again, so props to them for that.

So basically you get a 12 MHz GPU overclock on a 1500 USD product for which the OC model will probably cost a 100 USD more ... I mean come on. No bueno Sapphire, no bueno ...

Display Support 5 x Maximum Display Monitor(s) support
Output 4 x Mini-DisplayPort
1 x Dual-Link DVI-D
GPU 1030 MHz Core Clock
28 nm Chip
2816x2 x Stream Processors
Video Memory 1024 -bit GDDR5
5200 MHz Effective
Dimension 308(L)X105(W)X39(H) mm Size.
2.5 x slot
Software Driver CD
Accessory DVI to HDMI Adapter
Mini-DP to DP Cable
Radiator Mounting Screw kit

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