Samsung Starts Shipping 4TB model of 850 Evo SSD

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Samsung has started rolling out their 4TB version of their 850 Evo SSD. This 2.5" model appeared in online pricewatch engines and will be selling for 1349 euro. The high capacity is possible due to vertically stacked NAND.

Samsung earlier last year already announced that the 4TB model would be released in 2016. It is very likely we'll see a 4TB PRO model soon as well, the high-end model. Though that is not confirmed and this we do not know a price on that model either.

Back in August during the flash memory summit Samsung announced their 3rd gen V-nand technology, the new revision bumped the current 32-layers towards 48 layered stacks of NAND flash memory. The SATA III based 2.5" 850 pro and 850 EVO had been announced as the first SSDs in line to receive the NAND upgrade and thus larger capacities to 4TB.

Up-to now the maximum size was 2TB (read our 850 EVO 2TB review here). 

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