Samsung Seems To be Working on Odyssey Neo curved gaming monitor with mini LED

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Samsung does like its share of immersive monitors, and the Odyssey series surely falls in that category. It seems they're working on the next generation, NEO series. And these would be based on Mini LED for super contrast-rich gaming and no clouding.

Odyssey Neo would/could be the successor to the Odyssey G9 released last year. A mini led version of the G9 has also been announced. However, the Odyssey Neo surfaced in a trademark file ( .pdf ). The trademark request shows the naming to be a gaming monitor, not TV. 'Odyssey Neo' falls in into Class 9, ' LED displays; gaming monitors; computer monitors'.

Minileds are almost multiple dozens of times smaller than a regular LED light, which means that the backlight can illuminate much more accurately. That makes the contrast higher; illuminated areas of the screen are brighter, while dark areas are darker. It is not known when Samsung will launch the Odyssey Neo gaming monitor. 

Sources: LetsGoDigital , EUIPO via Hardware info

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