Samsung 55-Inch LCD Scores New Thinness Record

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You like it big an thin ? Softpedia reports that Samsung focused on something more unusual and came up with what can be seen as a large panel that sets a new record in terms of bezel thickness, or thinness in this case:

The company created a 55-inch LCD Display whose top and left edges are 3.8-mm thick, while the bottom and right ones measure 1.9mm.This means that placing two of them next to one another will leave a gap of just 5.7mm between their respective screen contents.

As such, one can consider this newcomer a very convenient candidate for LCD-Videowalls, especially considering the actual performance numbers. Not only does each panel support the Full HD resolution, but the brightness is an arguably brilliant 700 nits.

The product was made public through an official announcement issued by Samsung Japan, announcement which also revealed one of the display maker's other plans. Apparently, this 55-inch ultra-thin bezel screen will be followed by one with a diagonal of 46 inches and a separation of 7.6mm.

Samsung did not offer any sort of pricing or availability details - via Softpedia.

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