Refresh for Intel boxed coolers with non-K Comet Lake processors

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Intel refreshes its included stock coolers. Today in specific the non-K Comet Lake processors will be shipped with an all-black and slightly sticker model. The new coolers will be delivered with the new 10th gen non-K model CPUs only.

Photos shared by chiphell show the new design, and is for non-K model processors solely, these have a tdp of 65W (even 35W for the T series).

The enw cooler looks much better really, with that black design opposed to dull grey of the 'old' stock cooler. You'll spot the traditional design aluminum cooling fins and a central copper baseplate with thermal paste pre-applied. The fan reveals seven blades, but seems to get a thicker shroud is. The Intel logo is dark as opposed to blue. A subtle observation, the 4-pin cable is now sleeved. The installation mechanism still is that old push and pull pin design.

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