Asus copies Asrock BFB technology, calls it APE

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A short while ago we mentioned Asrock's Base Frequency Boost (BFB) technology, which allows you to raise the power limit of 10th Igen ntel Core processors. Generation to maintain higher frequencies, Asus launched the same thing, under the name Asus Performance Enchancement, or APE for short.

BFB (Base Frequency Boost) Technology allows user to install non K series CPUs on selected ASRock 300 & 400 series motherboards (even non Z models) and enjoy the base frequency boost with the hidden power of processors immediately. While ASRock BFB breathes life into non K series CPUs and non Z series motherboards, the boost frequency currently still depends on the cooling system applied on your rig.

To increase the frequencies it is also necessary to increase power to the processor, so when activating BFB the power limit of the CPUs they rise to 125W, compared to the 65W that it consumes with factory settings. This increase in consumption also brings with it an increase in the energy that is transformed into heat, so it will be necessary to install a heatsink better than the one included at the factory to use BFB without problems.

Like BFB, APE allows the frequency of multiplier locked processors on B460 and H470 motherboards to be raised by raising their power limit to 125W on virtually all models, and even 210W on the ROG STRIX B460-F Gaming. This higher power limit will give the processor more room to maintain higher frequencies, since they have to be reduced too much to meet the 65W they have at the factory. Obviously higher consumption equals more heat generation, so it will be important to have a good heatsink to use both Asrock's BFB and Asus's APE.

Asus copies Asrock BFB technology, calls it APE

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