ACER Adds Veriton N series, a 1 to 3 liter PC

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Acer releases the Veriton N series of slim desktop PCs aimed at a corporate market segment. They offer a lineup 5 models that employ a 1 to 3 liter housing, you can select the optimal specifications according to the spec configuration and business style. 1 liter is just incredibly small.

The 1-liter type is the most slim size-oriented product, the 2-liter type is equipped with HDD + Optane memory and an optical drive, and the 3-liter type has an optical drive and can output 5 screens simultaneously or a parallel port. The operating system installed in each is Windows 10 Pro.

1 liter type of Core i5-9400T equipped "VN4660G-H58Q1" the Core i3-9100T model equipped with "VN4660G-H38Q1" lineup. Built-in memory 8GB and 128GB SSD. The network is compatible with 802.11ac wireless LAN + Bluetooth 5.0 and Gigabit LAN, common to all models.

The 2 liter type is one model configuration of "VN4660G-H58D2" , which has Core i5-9400T, memory 8GB, 500GB HDD + 16GB Optane memory built-in. It is equipped with a DVD ± R / RW slim drive and is slightly thicker.

3 l type, of the 5 screen simultaneous output corresponding equipped with a GeForce GT 720 "VN4660G-H58UG" and, parallel port model equipped with "VN4660G-H58U3" lineup. Core i5-9400T, memory 8GB, 256GB SSD, DVD ± R / RW slim drive is installed. Due to the addition of graphics and parallel port, it became even taller than the 2 liter type.

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