Radeon HD 5670 review (Crossfire)

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Radeon HD 5670 review -- And sure Crossfire is tested as well !

Today ATI releases thus the Radeon series 5600. Actually Radeon HD 5650 and 5670 today in specific -- we'll be looking at a couple of these cards. These cards offer a wide variety in functionality but even in the new budget products ATI put in enough transistors to allow you to play modern games well -- if you give them the right circumstances that is.

The card we'll be testing today is lined up directly against NVIDIA's GeForce GT 240 products, with the Radeon HD 5670 being slightly faster, DX11 compatible and sure .. ATI threw in Eyefinity as well. We'll test it in-depth and look at Crossfire performance as well.

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Radeon HD 5670 Crossfire


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