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PowerColor Radeon HD 5770 PCS+ review

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With the cards becoming more and more available we'll see more and more manufacturers, AIC and AIB partners release new updated products based on the series 5000 product. PowerColor is releasing a Radeon HD 5770 which is labeled as PCS+ and comes with a custom PCB, slightly higher clock frequencies, custom cooler, and no less than four output connectors.

Radeon HD 5450 Already Listed on eBay

Generic News 1994 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0 ImageAMD is gearing up to launch the Radeon HD 5450 card for the low-end segment fairly soon.

The card will supposedly be based on the Cedar graphics processing unit and will have 80 stream processors, a 64-bit memory interface and a GPU frequency clocked at 650MHz. The card will have 512MB or 1 GB of GDDR3 memory, which will run at roughly 1600MHz.

Digitimes previously reported that the HD 5450 would be out before the middle of February, with more recent rumors saying it would be launched the following week. This means that the new GPU card will have the entry-level market to itself for about a month or more, until the Fermi comes out (and if the initial lineup from NVIDIA has a model aimed at the low-end).

But it seems that the MSI R5450-MD512H Radeon HD 5450 is already being listed on eBay. This card has only 512MB GDDR3 (half the stock amount) and a 64-bit memory interface. It is priced slightly high at $62.99.

Planned Network Downtime - Network Status

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Last week an old bug popped up in one of the core routers at our hosting environment. To prevent downtime from happening again the router is now being replaced for a new one.

Saturday the 30th of January 2010 in-between roughly 04:00 am to 07:00 am CET (03:00 a.m. Saturday January 30, 2010 in GMT) the maintenance will take place.

We do expect some minor downtime once the routers will be swapped out and installed. In advance, apologies for any inconvenience.

Guru3D Rig of the Month - January 2010

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Guru3D Rig of the Month - January 2010

Mario Kriegsmann's PC is the the Rig of The Month January 2010. Meet the man at the age of 21, he has been a Guru3D aficionado for five years (!) already digging through our articles, he shares our passion of building nice PCs.

His PC will be the Rig of the Month January 2010 and he has built his PC with some interesting components. He certainly has spend a lot of dough on his rig, making not only beautiful looking, but an ubercool and high performance one as well.

Check out Mario's rig right here.

MSI working on Big Bang XPower X58 motherboard

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Within a month or two MSI plans to unveil its third Big Bang motherboard, the XPower. This new motherboard uses Intel's X58 chipset and features six PCI Express x16 slots, six DDR3 memory slots, SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0.

The motherboard is designed for hardware enthusiasts, it features 16-phase DrMOS PWM, two 8-pin power connectors, Hi-C capacitors, an extra 6-pin PCIe power input for the PCIe slots, OC Dashboard and V-Kit. Audio is provided by a Quantum Wave audio card with 7.1 channel audio, EAX 5.0 and THX TruStudio PC Suite.
The cost of using tantalum capacitors have made them prohibitive in motherboard design. It looks like MSI is using a generous splattering of them on the new Big Bang XPower. Q1 in 2010, and it already looks like we're supposed to spell "promising" with the "I" before the "M."  The motherboard looks a bit naked but that's because the photos don't show the cooling solution that will be shipped with the retail models.


In Win Fanqua and Black Beauty cases launched

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In Win introduced the Fanqua midi-tower and Black Beauty mini-tower PC cases. The Fanqua features a tool-free design, four 120mm fans, and has a front I/O panel with USB, audio and eSATA connectors. The Black Beauty is a bit more basic and ships with a 300W PSU.
Fanqua has five exposed 5.25-inch bays, supports micro ATX and ATX motherboards, is equipped with four 120mm fans (front, side panel - with blue LED, rear and top), and it costs 69.90 Euro.

Staying clear of Fanqua's wannabe high testosterone levels, the Black Beauty has a simpler yet stylish look, with a glossy finish and a floral motif. This case measures 140 (W) x 323 (H) x 276 (D) mm, weights 4.5kg, boasts just one 5.25-inch bay, supports micro ATX boards, and includes one audio and four USB 4.0 in front. Black Beauty doesn't come with any fans but it features a 300W power supply. All this for 79.90 Euro.

Aliens vs Predator - Predator Gameplay Clip

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Aliens vs. Predator hits PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 16, with a Hunter Edition offering goodies including a plastic facehugger. The PC version utilises Valve's Steamworks suite for achievements, matchmaking, leaderboards and online storage.

Matrox updates Multi-Monitor Display Solution

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Feeling some serious heat from ATI's Eyefinity feature Matrox decided to release a new Multi-Monitor Display Solution. The multiple DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module (GXM) brings support to drive up to four or six monitors, respectively, from a single system.

Matrox's solve  .. well .. a second GXM can now be connected to the secondary output of a supported dual monitor graphics card so two DualHead2Go GXMs can power up to four outputs in 2x2 or 4x1 modes, while two TripleHead2Go units can be combined to connect six displays to produce either a 3x2 or 6x1 set up.

Matrox currently offers multi-GXM support with the 2.06 (or above) GXM software suite. A maximum of two GXMs